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Projects That Make A Difference
All projects that we are involved with aim to make a difference. From the countries and communities that we operate in, to the wholesalers, manufacturers and consumers we supply. At Agroforestry Group we understand that we are directly and indirectly responsible for the survival and livelihoods of billions.

Our existing projects all aim to maximize profitability by improving productivity in what we believe to be critical sectors within the agroforestry industry. For example, the Aquilaria project we are involved with is sustainably growing the critically endangered and extremely valuable Aquilaria wood species that is used in the production of fragrances, incense and medicines. While our Musang King Durian project in Malaysia aims at meeting record breaking export demand and shifting Malaysia's over reliance on the destructive palm oil industry.

Recent Project Details

This unique thorn covered fruit is native to South East Asia where it is known as the “King of Fruits”. Demand has risen spectacularly recently with China's imports up 47% in 2019 alone.


Aquilaria is a critically endangered species and one of the world’s most expensive raw materials. Used as incense and in fragrances, prices can reach as high as 100,000 USD/Kg.


Mixed plant species cultivation systems when properly implemented help reduce both land & water use and improve harvest yields.

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