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One of the worlds most fascinating and versatile fruits.  
Durian is native to South East Asia where it is noted for its thorn covering, large size and distinctive strong aroma. There are over 500 varieties of durian grown throughout Asia with Malaysia known to be home to some of the finest tasting and expensive durians. These varieties include the celebrated Musang King as well as up and coming ones such as Black Thorn and Tupai King.
Demand for durian has grown exponentially over the past ten years as tourism to Malaysia has increased consumer awareness for this exotic fruit. Today durian is one of the most popular fruits across all of Asia. Its versatility is unmatched in the fruit world being used as an ingredient in juices, pastries, hearty dishes such as hamburgers and pizzas, and even in cosmetics.

In 2019, durian became China's most imported fruit for the first time in history, with imports rising 47% over the previous year. 
2020 has so far been even more groundbreaking. China’s imports of Durian in the first half of 2020 have totaled $1.62 billion USD, a 73.5% year on year increase. These figures are even more astounding considering how COVID-19 has impacted almost all other business sectors and imports around the word.

Agroforestry Group and Durian
Agroforestry Group is only involved with Durian sites that aim to meet demand in an environmentally friendly manner.  This involves strict anti deforestation principles and a commitment to the local surrounding communities.

  • Cross targeted strategy of meeting domestic consumption and exports
  • Focus on high value rare Malaysian durian varieties such as Musang King and Tupai King.
Imports of durian in the first half of 2020 have totaled $1.62 billion USD, a 73.5% year on year increase.
The Produce Report
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