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Agroforestry Group's Agarwood plantations are managed by AFG Agarwood, a Malaysian Sdn Bhd plantation management company.

Our Agarwood product has been approved under the Interest Scheme Act of 2016 and is regulated by SSM Malaysia
( and administered by TMF Group International Trustees (
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The Aquilaria tree by name is unfamiliar to many but it is in fact one of the oldest trees in existence. It has been known by a variety of names throughout history and is culturally significant throughout the world. Aquilaria is known as "Aloeswood", "Eaglewood" and "Agarwood" in English; "Chenxiang", "Chenshuixiang" and "Shuichenxiang" in Chinese; "Chimhyang" in Korean; "Jinko" and "Jinsui Koboku" in Japanese; "Aguru" in Sanskrit; "Oud" in Arabic; and "Gaharu" in Bahasa.
Aquilaria is also commonly referred to as the "Wood of the Gods" due to its mystical qualities and religious use across Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Prized for its deep fragrant aroma and medicinal qualities  the Aquilaria tree today is close to extinction, listed by the United Nations on its critically endangered list.

The Aquilaria has been over harvested due to its internal heartwood which contains the prized and extremely valuable fragrant resin, which is used in the manufacturing of fragrances, incense and medicines.  The valuable heartwood forms over decades with quality and value improving as the tree ages. High grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 USD per kilogram, making it one of the most expensive raw materials in the world in both wood, powder and oil form.

Trade in Aquilaria is believed to be worth over $10 billion USD annually although much of this trade is undocumented and done illegally. Although demand has remained relatively stable, critically low supplies means sustainably produced Aquilaria trees are the only means of meeting demand and managing escalating prices. 

Agroforestry Group is only involved with sustainably produced and CITES documented Aquilaria projects. The only way to meet global demand, manage prices and protect our forests is through professionally managed and ethical plantations.
  • Sustainable ethical and CITES documented Aquilaria planations.
  • Replanting and protecting the Critically Endangered Aquilaria tree.
  • Meeting demand from the fragrance, cosmetic and medicinal industries.
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