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Native to South East Asia the durian has become the most expensive fruit commercially available on the planet. Over the last decade its distinctive aroma and delicious, succulent flesh has created a demand from new markets across the globe including China, Australia and the USA.

With the fruit wholly dependent on the tropical climate of South East Asia, this increasing demand will out-strip supply for the foreseeable future.
The Musang King durian business model is export focused and volume driven
Export Focused
Malaysia is known as the home of the durian, offering high agricultural expertise with low operational costs. However,  its wholesale price per kg is a fraction of the international market. All plantation infrastructure is therefore based in Malaysia but targeted to the more lucrative international market.
Volume Driven
Volume drives profitability which is why Agroforestry Group is focused on growth. Each plantation has 1500 trees, of which 500 are sold to private investors. This capital injection drives a faster expansion and greater durian production, giving greater leverage in the wholesale durian sales market.
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Tangible Asset
Asset 1.1.png
100% ownership
Annual Income
Asset 1.1.png
Asset 1.1.png
Multiple end-products
Asset 1.1.png
Never decreases in value
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Uncorrelated to financial markets
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All plantation owners, no matter how many or how few trees they own, enjoy an armchair view of their harvest yields each year. The ongoing maintenance, nurturing and harvesting is executed by Agroforestry Group with full transparency. The estimate of annual harvest yields is demonstrated below.

With a minimum estimated price per kg of USD 10, yields will equate to approximately 20% return, annualised over 20 years.
Durian fruit.png
Durian Price.png
Number of Fruit
Average Weight 
Price per kg
Dollar sign.png
Harvest Yield
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Asset 1.png

GPS Located

Each tree is GPS located with the unique coordinates logged on individual tree certificates

GPS Located
Asset 9.png
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Export Focused

To maximize profits, sales are export focused towards; China, Hong Kong and Singapore

Export Focused
Asset 10.png
Asset 3.png

Tree Allocation

Each plantation has 1,500 trees, one third of which are sold to private investors

Tree Allocation
Asset 12.png
Asset 4.png


We are strictly against

de-forestry, using reconditioned disused palm oil plantations.

Asset 13.png
Asset 5.png

24x7 Monitoring

Online access to the latest tree data on individual trees is available via our app

24x7 Monitoring
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Asset 6.png

Bar Coded

Each tree is individually barcoded and logged on hard and soft copies of ownership.

Bar Coded
Asset 14.png
Asset 7.png


Our durian fruit can be made into a variety of different end products such as ice creams and pastries.

Asset 15.png
Asset 8.png

Supply Constraints

Booming export demand and poor planning has led to insufficient supplies.

Supply Constraints
Asset 16.png
Asset 9.png

Increased Demand

Global demand is increasing rapidly driven by China whose imports are up 23% p.a. since 2006.

Increased Demand
Client Viewing Module

Monitor your trees progress and chat with your farmer

Tree Replacement.jpg
Tree Replacement

If anything happens to your tree we will give you one of ours

Plantation Tours

Once Covid allows come and join us on a free plantation tour

Agroforestry Group is processing an application for regulatory approval from the Companies Commission of Malaysia for the country's first Durian Investment Interest Scheme.
MY Premier Trustee
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At Agroforestry Group we are focused on two premium
varieties of durian; Musang King and Black Thorn
Musang King is a premium priced durian that has a well established following on the international markets, particularly China.
It is the Agroforestry Group's main plantation offering.
Black Thorn is an expensive artisanal durian popular within Malaysia. Its limited supply commands a strong profit margin. When available it is offered to existing plantation owners.
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