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Agroforestry Group is involved in projects that aim to make a difference. We offer agricultural and forestry related services to clients ranging from project management and implementation to sales & marketing. We specifically cater towards projects that aim to meet the needs of our rapidly increasing population whilst enhancing the limited natural resources the world has
For example, the Aquilaria project we are involved with is focused on replenishing the critical endangered and extremely valuable Aquilaria wood species. The United Nations has listed it on its endangered list due to illegal over harvesting for its heartwood, which is used in the manufacturing of fragrances, incense and medicines.  
Our latest Musang King Durian project aims at shifting Malaysia's over reliance on the destructive palm oil industry whilst simultaneously meeting rapidly rising demand for the crop across Asia, namely China.

Agroforestry Group's mission is to find, provide and build stronger sustainable businesses. 

We do this by:
  • Applying a high level of selectivity
  • Having a deep understanding of the agricultural & forestry sectors
  • Proactively supporting the sector
  • Looking towards the future
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The Future
Agroforestry Group has over 100 staff across South East Asia. Our key management team helps guide and drive our entire business and strategy. 
Paul Martin: CEO of Agroforestry Group
Paul Martin is the CEO of Agroforestry Group. Mr. Martin brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise to the Group from his background in the financial industry and working across different parts of Asia. He has extensive experience in the financial industry having worked for 12 years in the City of London as a stockbroker and successful market trader.
Daud Bin Jaffar – Director
Daud Bin Jaffar is a Malaysian national with over 30 years of experience in insurance underwriting for clients in the private, corporate and Government sector. He has an extensive amount of experience across a variety of industries being a director and shareholder of several companies in the logistics, construction, medical, publishing and food industries. Mr. Jaffar through his established network of contacts assists the Group in its dealings with necessary governmental agencies.
Albert Bruinekool - Plantation Director
Albert Bruinekool is the Agroforestry Group’s plantation director. Currently based in Malaysia, he is overseeing the development of all our Malaysian and Indonesian plantation projects. Having lived in Indonesia for 27 years he brings to the Group a vast amount of local and regional experience. Mr. Bruinekool is also a master linguist who is fluent in 9 different languages including Malaysian and Indonesian Bahasa.
James Blake - International Business Director
James Blake is the Group’s business director for international clients. He has lived and worked across Asia for over ten years and manages a team of regional sales specialists for the company. Mr. Blake has over 20 years of experience directing large scale sales teams across a variety of industries and is a specialist in agricultural products.
Erant Othman – Head of Regional Sales
Erant Othman is the Group’s head of regional sales in Malaysia. She holds a Degree in Law and an MBA (IB) with 19 years of business development and project management experiences working in local and multinational companies. Erant is a seasoned investment professional with a specialisation in raising capital for equities in financial institutions, private placements, managed funds and other investment portfolios.
Paul V.jpg
Paul Vincent – Compliance Manager
Paul Vincent is Agroforestry Group’s compliance manager and is responsible for making sure our company follows the policies and procedures in place particularly from a regulatory and ethical standpoint. He oversees all business operations relating to compliance including training and making sure the Group’s stakeholders including our clients understand all aspects of our investment scheme.
Edwin Chard – Marketing Director
Edwin Chard is Agroforestry Groups marketing director. With a deep understanding of blue-chip marketing campaigns and start up digital needs, Ed provides critical insight into the development of the AFG brand solutions. His career has spanned 3 continents and focused on sales, research and marketing. Specialist areas of interest include digital media touch points, sales cycle psychology and content marketing.
Chris Fong – Head of Human Resources
Chris Fong is in charge of human resources for Agroforestry Group. Reporting directly to the CEO, she manages all human resource functions including hiring, applications and the monitoring all internal and government mandated policies and processes. Chris also advises and supports the Group’s management by providing advice on hiring, compensation structure and performance appraisal.
Dr. Lim Chin Khee – Durian Specialist Consultant
Dr. Sifu Lim Chin Khee is regarded as one of Malaysia’s premier durian experts with over 20 years of experience. World renown for his knowledge of durian, he has travelled the world speaking at conferences, seminars and hosting educational training sessions. He is often quoted by major media outlets and has been a leading force in developing Malaysia’s durian sector.
Dr. Baharuddin Salleh  – Aquilaria Specialist Consultant
Dr. Baharuddin Salleh is a distinguished academic, researcher and author, formerly serving as a Professor of Plant Pathology & Mycology at the University Sains Malaysia (USM). He boasts an impressive portfolio of 16 published books, 175 abstracts/presentations and over 3,000 research citations. A leading figure on Aquilaria, he helps support the development of our plantations including inoculation activities and post-inoculation product development.
Agroforestry Group consists of a number of subsidiaries and associated companies that specialize on specific aspects of the Group's businesses. Agroforestry Group also works with local and corporate partners such as financial institutions, universities and regulator bodies.

Agroforestry Group Limited,

Registered in Hong Kong: 64247830

Agroforestry Group Limited, registered in Hong Kong, is the main asset holding company of the Group. It holds our plantation real estate assets such as land and buildings. Agroforestry Group Limited also issues land
lease agreements to our clients and other associated companies.
AFG Management.png

Registered in Malaysia: 1294442-D

Manager and operator of our plantation assets and related processing facilities. The management company supervises the operational and administrative functions of our local plantations. This includes the daily management of our plantations to the processing and exportation of our products.
MKD Logo Horizontal.png

Registered in Malaysia: 1287972-K 

MK Durian Harvests specializes in selling Musang King durian sourced from our plantations located in Malaysia. The company’s primary focus is on supplying highly sought-after Malaysian Musang King Durian products to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
AFG Developments.png

Registered in Singapore: 201701185R

AFG Developments Pte. Ltd. is the Group’s marketing agent and client representative. It is involved in client education, on boarding and the handling of client queries and other related services. AFG Developments provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of all the Group’s products.
AFG Agarwood Logo-01.png

AFG Agarwood Sdn. Bhd.

Registered in Malaysia: 1188004-K

AFG Agarwood Sdn. Bhd. grows and develops Agarwood plantations in Johor, Malaysia. The company has a collaboration agreement with the University of Kuala Lumpur working together, on campus to research and develop Oud oil and develop high quality inoculation techniques.
PPG Horizontal.png

Registered in Malaysia: 1310072-V

The marketing agent for Agroforestry Group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is involved in agroforestry product presentation, client education, on boarding and the handling of client queries and other related services.
Ori Oud Asia.webp
Ori Oud Asia
Ori Oud Asia (عُود أصلي آســــــيا) is a producer and seller of Aquilaria (Agarwood) products that are sold internationally to key markets in the Middle East. Primarily Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Bahrain. Products include oil, chips, incense, perfumes, candles and face & body oils.
Ori Olere is a boutique essential oil and candle company based in Malaysia that uses Oud in its products. All of their candles are hand-poured in small batches and made with 100% natural (chemical-free) ingredients.
Minus 4 Degrees
Minus 4 Degrees is a family-owned and operated artisan Malaysian ice cream brand. All ice creams are created using only premium ingredients with the difference apparent in the flavour and texture. 
The Red Bandana.jpg
The.RedBandana is a homegrown local Malaysian bakery that was founded in 2015 by culinary graduate and entrepreneur Angela. Beginning as a passion project while baking for friends and family it has now become a successful full-time business in Malaysia. 
Mypremier Trusstee.png
University of Kuala Lumpur
One of Malaysia’s leading universities has a research and development agreement with us. We maintain a research facility on their campus and work together on scientific research and product development.
MY Premier Trustee (Malaysia) Berhad
Is a trustee company organized in ensuring that all private trust accounts, client’s assets and funds are distinctive, with 12 years of legacy and experience providing innovative solutions and strategies to circumvent challenges for its clients.
TMF Group Malaysia
As part of TMF Group’s global network, is a leading global provider of high-value business services to clients operating and investing globally.
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