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Agroforestry Group grows some of the world's finest Aquilaria trees at its plantation in Johor, Malaysia.
Our professionally managed plantation, state of the art inoculation techniques and monitoring system ensures high quality Oud for our commercial client.  

Our Aquilaria trees produce luxurious Oud that is used in fragrances and candles,
burned as woodchips or even used in the production of fine teas. 

Agroforestry Group in March 2022 signed an exclusive partnership with Ori Oud Asia to supply them with high quality Aquiaria to be used in the manufacturing of their Aquilaria based products such as pure oils, woodchips, incense, candles and tea. Ori Oud Asia (عُود أصلي آســــــيا) is one of Malaysia's premier Aquilaria commercial producers and sellers whose highly acclaimed products are sold around the world.
To view their products or make bulk order commercial purchases please email us.
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Oud Oil
Our Aqruilaria trees produce some of the finest pure Oud oil available. The oil is obtained from the distillation of our high quality wood. The end result is a dark brown coloured oil with an exceptional fragrance, rich in sweet and woody scents with smoky notes.
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Oud Woodchips
Our woodchips are manufuctared in a long, manual and diligent process. Our trees ones cut down are cut into smaller sized portions and then manually shaved further to approxiatley 5-10 inches. Attention to detail is essential as cutters individually seperate the white wood and brown wood, making sure that each woodchip produced contains a sufficient amount of brown wood which provides the luxurious fragrant aroma buyers crave.
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Pure Oud oil from our Aquilaria trees is used to develop luxurious long lasting fragrances for homes, offices and stores. Our Oud oil is added to candles after the heated wax has been created. Customized candle aromas are available for bulk purchases with more drops of Oud Oil added during the candle creation process creating more powerful, aromatic and longer lasting scents.
Aquilaria leaves contain numerous health and medical benefits, with its extract having been commonly used Asia for hundreds of years. The leaves of our trees are carefully collected, dried and ground and tested for quality before packaging. Aquilaria tea helps with anxiety and stress, improves sleep, cleanses the body of harmful toxins and promotes healthy skin.
Ethical, Sustainable and Regulated
All of Agroforstry Groups partners products are CITES certified and regulated and produced in state of the art distilleries and production facilities, with laboratory tests confirming their high quality and content of Oud oil compounds.  These compounds provide the unique long lasting fragrant woody aroma people associate with Oud oil. Compound availability is also essential for maximizing the health and medicinal benefits of Aquilaria also.

If Oud product manufatures do not purchase their woodchips or oil from growers with CITES certifications ensuring its purity and legality, they are not authentic or dealing with illegally cut and stolen trees.  

We encourage all consumers and manufacturers to only deal with legal, ethical sustainable regulated entities.

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