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Notification of Company and Interest Scheme Name Change
AFG Agarwood Sdn Bhd
We are pleased to inform you that the name of our company has been changed from Plantation International Agarwood Sdn Bhd to AFG Agarwood Sdn Bhd with effect from 15th April 2021. This rebranding has been done to represent the new Agroforestry Group identity.

This change has gone through all the legal requirements and has now been accepted by the Companies Commission of Malaysia and TMF Trustees Malaysia Berhad.

Mr. Paul Martin, Agroforestry Group’s MD stated “I would like to highlight that operationally there has been no impact with all our offices, banking, regulatory approvals and plantations remaining in place. More importantly, all existing client Sales and Management contracts remain unchanged and are not affected in any way.”

Kindly take note that our new website is

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or queries to:

Thank you.


For and on behalf of

AFG Agarwood Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Plantations International Agarwood Sdn Bhd)

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